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Bridal Alterations


We understand that your wedding day is the most important and memorable day of your life. We will discuss how to make your bridal gown fit well and offer suggestions and solutions to help you with the necessary alterations for a great fit.



Please contact us by email and we will get back to you by email with a questionnaire and arrange the appointment schedule.

We advise you to contact us as soon as possible to secure your slots. In the high wedding season (April to September) we get fully booked very quickly.



We usually advise leaving about 6 weeks between your first fitting and your big day or the day you need to collect your dress. We will schedule your collection appointment during the first fitting, allowing enough time for a further fitting if needed. Bridal alterations often need 2 fittings, just make sure fit well.



Alteration costs of bridal wear depend on the style, construction and fabric of your wedding dress. With many different bridal types available, it is impossible to provide cost estimates without seeing you and your dress.

Each alteration is unique and the complicity of work is never the same. It depends on how much work needs to be done, all costs are bespoke also.

We will give you an estimate with the breakdown at the first fitting.

However, if you would like to have an accurate estimate or consultation before the first fitting, we offer a consultation appointment for £40.


Often may cost more if the dresses are:

Delicate materials such as lace, beading and special textiles.

Multiple layered dress.

Volume layered dress.

Complex textiles involve hand sewing and finishing.



If you would like to have a consultation to discuss your customisation ideas or how it works with the pregnant bride’s fitting schedule, please contact us. Our experienced team will support your needs.

Please see the “customisation” and “bespoke” pages for more details.

*PREGNANT BRIDES require a special fitting schedule. We are experienced with pregnant brides. Please contact us so we can explain the process and put you at ease.


Feel free to contact us by email if you need further information.


If you have bought a sample dress

If you want to send your dress to the dry cleaner, please do so before the alteration. Dry cleaning may shrink some materials, so the dry cleaning needs to be done before alterations.

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