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Bridal Customisation


To help you with special needs or add extra personalisation, we offer customisations on your bridal dress and accessories.

We can add a little personal touch to your special day.



Change the original design details, such as:

-Reduce back train.

-Lowering/changing the neckline/shape.

-Lowering the back.

-Adding extra layers. (mesh layer, linings, etc…)

-Customising the veil. (adding lace motifs, changing the length, etc…)

-Dress silhouette change. (mermaid, cylinder, adding slits, etc…)


In some cases, there are limitations due to design & material, and the individual body shapes, but we discuss the best possibilities.


Consultation before the first fitting appointment.

We highly recommend having a consultation appointment (£40) before the fitting appointments.

We will discuss the area you want to customise at the consultation meeting.

You could bring your images, photos and materials of what you want, and we will explore the possibilities and budgets, then plan the fitting schedule and order the right materials in advance.

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