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Bridal Bespoke


We can offer made-to-measure, truly one-off bridal dress and accessories service.

If you have a design idea and want to create your own special pieces, we are here to help.


*Please be aware that we often need time to schedule made-to-measure dresses.

For the bridal dresses, we need at least 10 months in advance to schedule you in from the consultation to your wedding day.

For accessories such as veils, sleeves and capes, depending on the designs, we could produce less than 10 months, although we need to have consultation meeting to arrange everything in advance and book you in to secure your slots.





Create pieces from scratch, such as:


-Create a wedding dress (it will need extra consultations and appointments to create a dress; please contact us as soon as you know)

-Create a cape

-Create a jacket/bolero

-Create an over-skirt, etc…


-Create sleeves

-Create a belt

-Create a bow

-Create shoulder straps

-Create a veil, etc…


In some cases, there are limitations due to design & material, and the individual body shapes, but we discuss the best possibilities.





1 / Consultation meetings. (Consultation meetings often take 2 meetings to discuss the design ideas. You could bring your images, photos and materials of what you want, and we will explore the possibilities and budgets, then plan the fitting schedule and order the right materials in advance.)

2 / Estimate and budget check. 

3 / Schedule the fitting appointments.

4 / Check the measurements.

5 / Toile fittings.

6 / Actual fabric fittings.

7 / Final adjustments.

8 / Final check and pick up.

*If you are unsure about ideas and would like to discuss with us, we offer consultation meeting for £40. Please contact us by email to book a meeting.

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